Hypnotic Online Councelling

Hello visitor, my name is Ingo Komenda and I am a german psychologist (Dipl. Psych. /M.D) and hypnotherapist with over 20 years of experience. My private practice „Praxis Komenda“ is near Munich in Germany.

I have created my own brand of hypnotherapy which draws from clinical psychology, shamanism and alternative healing techniques.

My psychology is biased toward deprogramming, healing and liberation instead of a „function-based“ therapy. It is my belief, that psychology needs to move away from function therapy towards a more holistic healing approach.

My principles are:

  • there is a deep healing agent in every human being. No matter how deep the wound is, healing is always possible. The human needs to learn the language of this part inside themselves
  • every human is able to find psychological self-liberation
  • a human being is comprised of conscious, subconscious and energetic systems. These 3 systems and their many subsystems interact dynamically. A holistic psychological approach needs to adress all these levels
  • all methods I use are based on effectiveness and not on claim. I usually try to reduce the techniques to their core mechanisms, so that nearly everyone can use the techniques at home with some training
  • while talking can be helpful, „just talking“ is usually not enough. Hypnosis adds substantially to the healing process

My special areas of expertise are:

  • exit strategies for narcicistic relationships and co-dependency
  • hypnotic techniques for ADD
  • depression
  • anxiety disorders
  • spiritual crisis
  • hypnoshamanic work
  • training in self-hypnosis (Hypnodrift system)

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The fee is 100 Euros for a 50 minute session.

Interested in booking me for an online session? 

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